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  • Year: 2015
  • Manufacturer: Yamaha
  • Model: RS Venture GT
  • New/Used: New
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Title: Clean
Engine Type4-stroke
Displacement1049 cc
Bore x Stroke82.0 x 66.2 mm
Engine CoolingLiquid
Carburetion41mm MIKUNI X 3 with BRG, Fuel Injection, Liquid Heated
IgnitionDigital T.C.I. w/T.P.S.
Exhaust2 Valves, Rear Exhaust
Brake TypeHydraulic, 2 Piston Aluminum Caliper, Ventilated Disc, Mechanical Parking Brake
Drive ClutchYVXC, Variable Ratio
Front SuspensionSuspension: Independent, Double Wishbone; Shocks: 40mm, H.P.G, Aluminum
Front Travel8.6 in. (219 mm)
Rear SuspensionSuspension: ProComfort CK 144; Shock(s): 40mm, H.P.G, Aluminum / 40mm, H.P.G, Piggyback Compression Clicker, Aluminum
Rear Travel12.4 in. (315 mm)
Ski Stance42.5 in. (1080 mm)
Track TypeCamoplast® Rip Saw®
Track Dimensions15 x 144 x 1.25 in.
Headlight60/55W Halogen X 2
Fuel Capacity9.2 gal. (34.6 L)
ColorMatte Black/Candy Red
Electric StartStandard
Hand & Thumb WarmersStandard, 9 Position Adjustable, Separate
ReverseLever type

Still the benchmark for 2-up touring, with EPS.

  • 3-Cylinder Mid Performance engine: Our Genesis® Mid Performance engine is the next generation of trail cruising powerplants. Designed from the start to be the ultimate trail engine package, this Mid Performance engine delivers simplicity, fuel economy and great performance. The advanced fuel injection system automatically keeps it running at maximum output and fuel efficiency for the conditions.
  • Advanced fuel injection: The Genesis Mid Performance engine uses Yamaha’s advanced fuel injection system to control fuel flow to the engine. Consumers enjoy the engine’s hassle-free, spot-on performance and throttle response as a result of the advanced electronic fuel injection system.
  • Engine Braking Reduction System: The Genesis Mid Performance engine features the unique Engine Braking Reduction System. The system allows a small amount of air to pass through the fuel injection system when the throttle is released, giving riders a smooth “coast” feeling.
  • Direct-to-crankshaft clutching: Instead of using a gear reduction, the Genesis Mid Performance engine has the primary clutch directly attached to the crankshaft. This eliminates parts, complexity and weight, resulting in a better product for consumers. It also allows the engine to be mounted deeper in the chassis to deliver a lower center of gravity, further improving the sled’s cornering stability. The YVXC primary spins at 8000 RPM to transfer power from the engine to the secondary and on to the track.
  • 15 x 144 x 1.25-inch Camoplast® Rip Saw™ track: The Camoplast® Rip Saw™ track is a standard feature on the RS Venture GT. It has been widely acclaimed in the industry as the best all around OEM track for acceleration, cornering bite and everyday trail usage. The Rip Saw™ track is the result of a collaborative effort between Yamaha and Camoplast®.
  • Rear-exiting exhaust: The exhaust is routed out the back of the sled in order to optimize and maximize airflow through the engine. The tuned system is specifically engineered to produce the Genesis Mid Performance engine’s broad powerband and also to help keep the sled in balance.
  • Oil Pressure Sensing System: The RS Venture GT is fitted with an oil pressure sensing system. If the oil pressure drops while riding, the ignition and fuel supply is controlled to limit the engine’s RPM and reduce the load on the engine. If necessary the system will stop the engine.
  • Electric Power Steering: Industry-first electric power steering system is velocity sensitive, delivering maximum assist up to trail speed, and gradually tapering off from there. You’ll love the EPS system because it helps isolate the rider from uncomfortable trail feedback, eases the effort required to move the bars, and provides excellent handling and predictability.
  • New Tuner dual-keel ski: The all-new Tuner dual-keel ski greatly contributes to the RS Venture GT’s trail character. The dual keels keep the ski tracking straight and true down the trail, eliminating nosiness and darting. Each keel has its own wearbar, and Yamaha has four different bar configurations to choose from, which means you can tune your sled's cornering bite and steering effort to suit your personal preference.
  • Comfortable rider-forward position: The primary design objective of the RS Venture GT’s chassis was to create a comfortable rider-forward posture. The ergonomic treatment is achieved by locating the handlebars and seated position high and forward on the chassis. With this positioning, the rider can go from sitting to standing and back again easily and comfortably. It also further centralizes the combined mass of sled and driver, for razor-sharp handling.
  • Front suspension geometry: The new 15mm trail offset on the ski mount helps minimize inside ski lift due to centrifugal force during turns. And, by optimizing the amount of resistance from the snow surface that’s applied to the rear end of the ski, including forces from bumps and ruts, this offset helps the RS Venture GT achieve its amazingly smooth handling, including its excellent straight line performance.
  • 40mm HPG aluminum front shocks: The 40mm High Pressure Gas (HPG) shocks on the RS Venture GT’s third generation front suspension geometry deliver consistent performance with excellent fade resistance.
  • CF die cast construction: Yamaha’s Controlled Flow casting technique is used for many of the structural pieces on the chassis. The CF process draws the molten metal into the mold under a vacuum, reducing the formation of air bubbles in the material. As a result, pieces can be made much thinner and still deliver the strength characteristics of a conventionally cast, thicker piece.
  • ProComfort® CK rear suspension: The ProComfort CK rear suspension is designed to deliver a very plush ride with great anti-bottoming performance. The skid carries a high-tech 40mm HPG clicker shock on the rear arm for simple adjustability from one rider to two.
  • Wheels with removable bearings: Replaceable bearing wheels make maintenance easy and cheap, while the 6 spoke design adds to the visual appeal of the already stylish RS Venture GT. This design is implemented on all rear wheels.
  • Fully adjustable backrest: The backrest on the RS Venture GT is fully adjustable. A simple lever release allows you to move the whole backrest forward or rearward for solo or two-up riding. It also has a rotational adjustment to set the cushion for personalized comfort. In addition to the backrest’s adjustability, the passenger’s heated grips offer two height options for a comfortable ride.
  • Large integrated hardtop storage trunk: The RS Venture GT has a cavernous cargo storage trunk. The hardtop lid is beautifully integrated into the overall body sculpting and features a weather-resistant gasket to help keep snow dust and moisture out of the trunk.
  • Dual DC outlets: The RS Venture GT offers two styles of DC outlets. It comes with a standard automotive-style outlet for cell phones, GPS or other electronics accessories. And it also comes standard with an RCA-style plug near the left hand grip to power up heated helmet visors or other small-plug accessories.
  • Standard electric start: Yamaha’s electric starter system allows consumers to fire up their RS Venture GT with the turn of a key. There is no pulling on a nylon cord to get this high-tech engine growling! Electric start is a standard feature on all of Yamaha’s 4-stroke machines.
  • Wide running boards with star-punched traction: The RS Venture GT’s wide running boards feature star-punched traction throughout their entire length. The boards also have an outer traction roll for additional sure footing. As an added benefit, the traction holes help evacuate snow and slush from the running board.
  • Standard mechanical reverse: The RS Venture GT’s simple reverse system allows riders to back out of tight spaces hassle-free. It’s engaged with the lever located on the right shroud. Just pull out the lever and slide it to the right for quick and easy use.
  • Digital gauge with data features: The RS Venture GT features a digital gauge that displays a wide variety of data. In addition to standard readouts like speed, engine RPM, barometric measurements, dual trip meters and a clock, the gauge also has an oil trip readouts which tracks when it’s time for an oil change and fuel trip readout which displays how many miles you’ve gone since the fuel light came on.
  • Type: 4-stroke / 3-cyl / 1049cc
  • Engine Class: Mid Performance
  • Cooling: Liquid Cooled
  • Bore & Stroke: 82.0 x 66.2 mm
  • Fuel Delivery: 41mm MIKUNI X 3 with BRG, Fuel Injection, Liquid Heated
  • Ignition: Digital T.C.I. w/T.P.S.
  • Intake Design: 2 Valves
  • Exhaust Design: 2 Valves, Rear Exhaust
  • Clutch/Transmission: YVXC, Variable Ratio, Magnesium Chaincase & Cover, Reverse
  • Disc Brake Type: Hydraulic, 2 Piston Aluminum Caliper, Ventilated Disc, Mechanical Parking Brake
  • Fuel Capacity: 9.2 gal. (34.6 L)
  • Front Suspension: Independent, Double Wishbone
  • Front Shocks: 40mm, H.P.G, Aluminum
  • Front Travel: 8.6 in. (219 mm)
  • Rear Suspension: ProComfort CK 144
  • Rear Shock(s): 40mm, H.P.G, Aluminum / 40mm, H.P.G, Piggyback Compression Clicker, Aluminum
  • Rear Travel: 12.4 in. (315 mm)
  • Overall Height: 54 in. (1,380 mm)
  • Overall Length: 126.2 in. (3,205 mm)
  • Overall Width: 47.3 in. (1,202 mm)
  • Track / W X L X H: 15 x 144 x 1.25 in
  • Track Type: Camoplast® Rip Saw®
  • Ski Stance (ctr to ctr): 42.5 in. (1080 mm)
  • Electric Start: Standard
  • Reverse: Lever type
  • Hand & Thumb Warmers: Standard, 9 Position Adjustable, Separate
  • Headlight Watts, Type: 60/55W Halogen X 2
  • DC Output: Automotive & RCA
  • Color(s): Matte Black/Candy Red
  • Warranty: 1 Year (Limited Factory Warranty)

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